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Session 3

Thursday (May 18):
5.00-7.00 PM
Room 418


Christopher Marsh

(National Defense U, US)




Dibyesh Anand

(U of Westminster, UK)

Anticolonial Nationalism or Colonising Nationalism:
The Case of China


David R Stroup 

(U of Manchester, UK)

Learn from the Masses:
Lessons on Everyday Nationalism From China


David Tobin

(U of Sheffield, UK)

Reformulating the National and the Global:
China’s Transnational Repression and Globalised Cultural Governance
in its Everyday Identity Policing


Chenchen Zhang

(Durham U, UK)

The Use and Abuse of the Anti-Colonial: 

Postcolonial Nationalism and the Spectre of ‘the West’

Chinese Nationalisms
How Can Nationalism Studies Engage
with the Global and the Everyday?


Thursday May 18, 5.00-7.00 PM Room 418


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