Everyday Nationalism in the Time of COVID-19 (Roundtable)

Session 5

Thursday (May 6):
10.00-11.30 AM EST


Paul Goode

(Carleton U, Canada)



David Stroup

(U of Manchester, UK) 

“Loathsome Hui Parasites”: 

Online Islamophobia, and Ethnic Relations in Wuhan during COVID-19


Elizaveta Gaufman

(U of Groningen, Netherlands) 

Everyday Foreign Policy: Performing and Consuming the Nation After Crimea


Tamara Pavasović Trošt

(U of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

National Belonging and Ethnicity Narratives 

During Times of Crisis in the Western Balkans


Dillon Byrd

(U of Toronto, Canada)

Ontological Security Over Physical Security: 

Returning to Normality Even if it’s Unsafe to Do so


Guzel Yusupova 

(North-West Institute of Management, RANEPA, Russia) 

Covid-19 and State-Society Alienation in Russia: 

Mistrust as National Way to Cope with the Pandemic

Thursday May 6, 10.00-11.30 AM EST

Nationalism studies