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Background Book Panel

 A Conversation With  Jade McGlynn on  
Russia’s War 

 (Polity Press, 2023)

Saturday May 20, 12.15-1.15 PM
Room 1512



Sam Greene

(King’s College, UK)


Dominique Arel

(Chair of Ukrainian Studies, uOttawa, Canada)

Russia scholar Jade McGlynn (King’s College, UK) takes us on a journey into this parallel military and political universe to reveal the often misconstrued attitudes behind Russian majority backing for the invasion. Drawing on media analysis and interviews with ordinary citizens, officials and foreign policy elites in Russia and Ukraine, McGlynn explores the grievances, lies and half-truths spun by the Kremlin and why they resonate with domestic audiences. Vladimir Putin may have launched this war, but Russians are fuelling, funding, and fighting it: this book explains why.


The panel will last 60 minutes at a time where only films screenings are taking place.



Note: This is a different book than Memory Makers: The Politics of the Past in Putin’s Russia (Bloomsbury, 2023) scheduled as a book panel Saturday 1.40-3.40 PM (Room 1512).

Special Event

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Saturday (May 20):
12.15-1.15 PM
Room 1512
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