Session VIII

Friday (May 3):
5:20 - 7:20 PM


Balázs Vizi

(National U of Public Service, Hungary)


Tove Malloy

Viktoria Martovskaya

(European Centre for Minority Issues, Germany)

The Conundrum of Non-Recognized Entities 

in the Implementation of International Norms on Human and Minority Rights


Iryna Ulasiuk

(Office of the High Commissioner on National Minorities, The Netherlands) 

Inclusive Multilateralism: 

the Role of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities


Petra Roter

(U of Ljubljana, Slovenia) 

International Organisations: 

A Multilateral Forum or a Stage for Bilateralisation of Minority Rights?


Ondrej Timco

(Independent Scholar, Czech Republic)

John Packer

(Director, Human Rights Centre, U of Ottawa, Canada)


International Protection of Minority Rights 

(Effective) Multilateralism Under Threat?

Friday May 3, 5:20 - 7:20 PM

Thematic Panel

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