Session 10

Saturday (May 8):
8.00-9.30 AM ET


Kristin Fabbe

(Harvard Business School, US)



Hiba Irmak Kır

(Sabancı U, Turkey)

Rethinking Religion and Nationalism: 

The Cases of Religious Buildings as National Symbols in Russia and Turkey

Kutbettin Kilic

(American U of Ras of al Khaimah, UAE)

Secular vs. non-Secular Ethnic Identity Perceptions in Turkey
and the Muslim World

*co-authored with Esma Erdogan Kilic (Indiana U, US)


Mehmet Kurt 

(Yale U, US)

Religion and Nationalism in the Turkish Mosques Abroad: 

A Comparative Case Study of the UK and the USA



A. Erdi Öztürk

(London Metropolitan U, UK)


Religion and Nation

Russia, Turkey 

Saturday May 8, 8.00-9.30 AM ET  

Turkey & Greece