Session IX

Saturday (May 4):
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Philipp Ther

(U of Vienna, Austria)


Fabio Bego

(U of Roma Tre, Italy)

The Benefits of Suffering: The Russo-Turkish 1877-1878 War Refugees

According to the Albanian Activists at the Turn of the 20th Century

Nurbanu Dursun 

(Istanbul U, Turkey)

Bringing Neoliberalism and Neo-Ottomanism Together: Conservative Nationalism

in Everyday Life in Turkey After the Syrian Civil War 


Zeynep Kadirbeyoğlu

(Boğaziçi U, Turkey)

Migration and Citizenship Law in the Northern Mediterranean: 

A Comparative Analysis 


Berna Turam

(Northeastern U, US)

The City on Guard: Situating Athens Into the Global Refugee Crisis 

A. Ebru Akçasu

(Charles U in Prague, Czech Republic)

Nation and Migration in Late-Ottoman Spheres of Belonging


Ayşe Parla

(Boston U, US)


Refugees, Migration, and Identity 

in the Eastern Mediterranean 

Saturday May 4, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Turkey & Greece

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