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Ukrainian Scholars in Times of War

Thursday May 5, 12.30-1.50 PM ET 


Thursday (May 5):
12.30-1.50 PM

The ASN 2022 World Convention and the Danyliw Seminar of the Chair of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Ottawa provide a platform for Ukrainian scholars who have been displaced (internally and externally) since February 24.


Topics range from operating a regional TV channel during war, the image of grief and displacement in Ukrainian art, the visual discourse of Ukrainian resistance on social media, and the role of history as a weapon of war.


Co-Moderators: Mayhill Fowler (Stetson U, US), Oxana Shevel (Tufts U, US)

Speakers: Nataliia Andriushchenko (Dnipro/Poland), Kateryna Iakovlenko (Irpin/Lviv), Alina Mozolevska (Mykolaiv/Germany), Sergii Pakhomenko (Mariupol/Lviv).


In webinar format. 

Special Event

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