How to Become Active in ASN

Friday May 7, 12.00-1.00 PM ET 


Friday (May 7):
12.00-1.00 PM ET

ASN is built on a vibrant and active academic communitiy, working together and volunteering for core activities of the association, the journal, the convention and virtual ASN. What makes ASN unique is how much it is built on voluntary work (and enthusiasm!).


If you are interested in participating in the community, and are curious to find out more about the inner workings of the association and how you could be active within ASN networks, you are most welcome to the event.


We are looking for new ideas, suggestions, and comments on how to grow ASN to reflect the needs of the changing times. This is ASN looking forward.


All are invited!


Julie George

(ASN Treasurer)



Florian Bieber

(ASN President)

Harris Mylonas

(Nationalities Papers Editor-in-Chief)

Zsuzsa Csergö

(Virtual ASN Director)

Dominique Arel

(Convention Director)

Lisa Koriouchkina

(Communications Director)


This Special Event is taking place at a time when no other panels are scheduled.

Special Event