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6 New Documentaries at the 2024 ASN
World Convention Documentary Festival



 1:40 PM / LUNCHTIME / ROOM 1201    

INTERCEPTED  Canada, France, Ukraine, 2024 (93 min.)  OKSANA KARPOVYCH

Russian soldiers confessing of rape, looting and torture in intercepted conversations in the months followingthe 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

 1:40 PM / LUNCHTIME / ROOM 501A       

THE DMITRIEV AFFAIR  The Netherlands, 2023 (96 min.)  JESSICA GORTER

Yuri Dmitriev discovered a mass grave of the 1937 purges. His reputation in the West as an “archaeologist of terror” led to
his arrest on spurious charges.

  1:40 PM / LUNCHTIME / ROOM 501B    

BETWEEN REVOLUTION (Între revoluții)  Romania, Croatia, Qatar, Iran, 2023 (68 min.)  VLAD PETRI

Iranian Zahra and Romanian Maria met in the 1970s and lived through two revolutions (1979, 1989). The bonds persisted,
and the disillusion.


 1:40 PM / LUNCHTIME / ROOM 1201    

THE RISE OF WAGNER  France, 2023 (100 min.)  BENOÎT BRINGER

Fearless Russian journalists risked their lives investigating civilian deaths in Syria and the Central African Republic
implicating the Wagner Group of Yevgeny Prigozhin

 1:40 PM / LUNCHTIME / ROOM 501A    

EASTERN FRONT (Skhidniy front)  US, Ukraine, Latvia, Czechia, 2023 (98 min.)  VITALY MANSKY & YEVHEN TITARENKO 

A stunning chronicle of the medical battalion Hospitaliers on the frontline of the war during the full-scale Russian invasion of 2022.

 1:40 PM / LUNCHTIME / ROOM 501B    

SILENCE OF REASON (Šutnja razuma)  North Macedonia, Bosnia, 2023  (63 min.)  KUMJANA NOVAKOVA  

A film exposing the rape camps set up by Serb forces in the town of Foca early in the Bosnian War, based court transcripts.

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