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Migration & Diasporas

Migration & Diasporas

PANEL M1 // SATURDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Ukrainian Migrants and Refugees in Canada

PANEL M2 // THURSDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Immigrant Integration in Europe

PANEL M3 // THURSDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Coming to Terms with Forced Migration

PANEL M4 // FRIDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

The Layered Pie of Russian Diaspora in America and Europe: 
Waves and Generations

PANEL M5 // FRIDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Transnational Spaces for Diaspora Engagement



PANEL BK1 // FRIDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

From Russia with Love? Serbian-Russian Relations in Light of
the Russian Aggression Against Ukraine

PANEL BK2 // THURSDAY // 5.20-7.00 PM

Minorities and Diasporas in the Balkans and Turkey

PANEL BK3 // FRIDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Europeanisation, Diplomacy and Foreign Involvement

PANEL BK5 // THURSDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Russia and the Impact of the War in Ukraine in the Balkans

PANEL BK6 // THURSDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Perspectives on Yugoslavia and Yugoslav Identity

PANEL BK7 // FRIDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Narratives, Politics and Negotiations of Identity

PANEL BK8 // FRIDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Pop Culture and Transitional Memory Politics: Film, Street Art, and Activism (Roundtable)

PANEL BK9 // THURSDAY // 5.20-7.00 PM

Transitional Justice and Legacies of the 1990s Wars 





PANEL U1 // THURSDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Stay Not Return: Patterns and Determinants of
(Non)-Integration of Ukrainian Refugees 

PANEL U2 // FRIDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Local Governance and Statehood in Ukraine: Institutional Sources of Ukrainian Resilience

PANEL U3 // SATURDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

A Decade After the Euromaidan: Continuing Research on Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity

PANEL U4 // SATURDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

A Decade After the Euromaidan: Changes in Ukrainian Politics and Society post-2014

PANEL U5 // THURSDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Gendered Politics, Sexualized Violence, and Accountability in Russia’s War against Ukraine: Critical Feminist Perspectives

PANEL U6 // THURSDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Identity, War, and Politics in Ukraine

PANEL U7 // FRIDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Armed Conflict and Health in Ukraine

PANEL U8 // FRIDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Creating Solidarity Without Trauma? Understanding Ukrainian Cultural Production during the War

PANEL U9 // FRIDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Mobilization and Civil Society in Times of War

PANEL U10 // THURSDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Coloniality: Culture and Context

PANEL U11 // SATURDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Understanding Violence: Past and Present 

PANEL U12 // THURSDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Entanglements of Polish and Ukrainian Modernization Projects in State and Nation-Building Processes, 1918-1939

PANEL U13 // FRIDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM 

New Sources and Research on the Holodomor: An Assessment of the Field on the 10th Anniversary of HREC  (Roundtable)

PANEL U14 // SATURDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Decoding Ukrainian Superpower: Symbols and Narratives of Resilience and Resistance in the Context of Russian War Against Ukraine

PANEL U15 // THURSDAY // 5.20-7.00 PM

Documenting Russian War Against Ukraine: Ethical and Methodological Challenges

PANEL U16 // FRIDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Humanity in War: The Ukrainian Example

PANEL U18 // THURSDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Mediating Wartime Ukraine: Frames, Narratives, Meanings

Central Europe (including Baltics & Moldova)

PANEL U19 // SATURDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

National Minorities in Ukraine 

PANEL U20 // THURSDAY // 5.20-7.00 PM

Book Panel on Maria Popova and Oxana Shevel’s 
Russia and Ukraine: Entangled Histories, Diverging States (Polity, 2023)

PANEL U21 // JEUDI // 12.00-1.40 PM

Crafting New Theories: Unveiling the Puzzle of Ukraine’s Civil Resilience (Roundtable) 

PANEL U22 // FRIDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Causes and Consequences of the Russo-Ukrainian War

PANEL U23 // FRIDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Book Panel on Alina Nychyk’s 
Ukraine vis-à-vis Russia and the EU: Misperceptions of Foreign Challenges in Times of War, 2014–2015 (Ibidem, 2023)

PANEL U24 // SATURDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

War and Academia: Assessing and Planning Changes
During the Global Paradigm Shift 

PANEL U25 // FRIDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Politics in Wartime Ukraine

PANEL U26 // THURSDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Diverging Narratives of Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine: Media, Societal and Institutional Discourses (Roundtable)

PANEL U27 // THURSDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Book Panel on Megan Buskey’s 
Ukraine Is Not Dead Yet: A Family Story of Exile and Return (Ibidem, 2023)

PANEL U28 // FRIDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Ukrainian Identity in Time of War: Language, Ethics, and Rule of Law (Roundtable)

PANEL U29 // SATURDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

A Conversation on Adrian Karatnycky’s New Book Battleground Ukraine: From Independence to the War with Russia (Yale, 2024)

PANEL U30 // SATURDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Book Panel on Maria Sonetvytsky’s 
Vopli Vidopliassova (Bloomsbury, 2023)

PANEL U31 //FRIDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

The Russian War in Ukraine and Collaboration

PANEL U32 // THURSDAY // 5.20-7.00 PM

Genocide and Crimes against Humanity in Ukraine

PANEL U33 // THURSDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Book Panel on Gwendolyn Sasse’s 
Russia’s War Against Ukraine (Polity, 2023)

PANEL U35 // THURSDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM 

Ukraine’s Path to the European Union (Roundtable)

Central Europe

Eurasia (including Central Asia & China)

PANEL EU1 // THURSDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM 

Domestic Politics and State Formation

PANEL EU2 // THURSDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Navigating Informality: Decolonial Approaches to Socio-Economic and Political Dynamics in Central Asia

PANEL EU3 // FRIDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Ethnic Minorities in Central Asia and China

PANEL EU4 // SATURDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Broadcasting the Nation: Everyday Nationalism in the Media, Old and New 

PANEL EU5 // FRIDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Eurasian International Relations

PANEL EU6 // THURSDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

National Identity in Central Asia 

PANEL EU7 // SATURDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Beyond Post-Soviet

PANEL EU8 // THURSDAY // 5.20-7.00 PM

Book Panel on Michele Commercio’s Polygynous Marriages Among the Kyrgyz: Institutional Change and Endurance (Pittsburgh, 2023)

PANEL EU9 // FRIDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Gender Dynamics Across Regions



PANEL K1 // SATURDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Nagorno-Karabakh and Ethnic Cleansing


PANEL K2 // FRIDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Social Cohesion in Georgia

PANEL K3 // THURSDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Decolonizing the Caucasus: Soviet Nationalities Policy Revisited

PANEL K5 // SATURDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Nation-Building and Identity Discourses in the Caucasus
and Beyond 

PANEL K6 // THURSDAY // 3.20-5.00 PM

Politics, Corruption, and Reforms in Armenia and Georgia

PANEL K7 // THURSDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

The Georgia-Abkhaz Conflict 30 Years Later

PANEL K8 // FRIDAY // 12.00-1.40 PM

Nationalization and Memory Politics in the South Caucasus

Turkey, Greece & Cyprus

Turkey & Greece

PANEL TK1 // THURSDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Demography and Nation in Late (Former) Ottoman Lands


PANEL TK2 // THURSDAY // 5.20-7.00 PM

Authoritarianism in Turkey

PANEL TK3 // FRIDAY // 10.00-11.40 AM

Memory Politics in the Ottoman Empire, Turkey and Cyprus 



Special Events

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