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Nationalism Studies



Panels by Sections

PANEL N9 // FRIDAY // 11.20 AM-1.20 PM

Comparative Reflections on
Violent Radicalisation and Nationalism 

PANEL N11 // SATURDAY // 1.40-3.40 PM

National Symbols and Markers

PANEL N12 // FRIDAY // 3.00-5.00 PM

Solidarity Without Consensus: Re-Imagining Humanity
After Atrocities in Transpacific Context

PANEL N13 // THURSDAY // 5.00-7.00 PM

Nationalism in Israel  

PANEL N14 // SATURDAY // 4.00-6.00 PM

Processes and Politics of Nation-State Building

PANEL N15 // THURSDAY // 11.00 AM-1.00 PM

The Nation and the Left

PANEL N16 // SATURDAY // 10.00 AM-12.00 PM

Understanding Populism

PANEL N18/K9 // SATURDAY // 10.00 AM-12.00 PM

Book Panel on Susan H. Allen’s Interactive Peacemaking:
A People-Centered Approach (Routledge, 2022)

Migration & Diasporas

Migration & Diasporas



PANEL BK1 // FRIDAY // 11.20 AM-1.20 PM

Socialist Yugoslavia from Within and Outside

PANEL BK2 // FRIDAY // 9.00-11.00 AM

Protests, Activism and Solidarity in the post-Yugoslav Space

PANEL BK3 // THURSDAY // 11.00 AM-1.00 PM

War and Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

PANEL BK4 // FRIDAY // 9.00-11.00 AM

Meso-Level Drivers of Radicalisation
and Violent Extremism in North Macedonia and Serbia

PANEL BK5 // THURSDAY // 2.40-4.40 PM

Negotiating Identity and Belonging

PANEL BK6 // FRIDAY // 3.00-5.00 PM

Transitional Justice and Dealing
with the Past in Former Yugoslavia

PANEL BK7 // SATURDAY // 4.00-6.00 PM

Book Panel on Karolina Lendák-Kabók’s 
National Minorities in Serbian Academia:
The Role of Gender and Language Barriers  
(Palgrave Macmillan, 2022)

PANEL BK8 // THURSDAY // 5.00-7.00 PM

Minority Politics and Interethnic Relations 

PANEL BK9 // SATURDAY // 1.40-3.40 PM

Europeanisation and Geopolitics in the post-Yugoslav Space 

PANEL BK10 // FRIDAY // 11.20 AM-1.20 PM

War Remembrance and Memory Activism



PANEL R1 // SATURDAY // 4.00-6.00 PM

Grassroot Activism and the War in Ukraine  

PANEL R2 // THURSDAY // 11.00 AM-1.00 PM

Russian War Narratives

PANEL R3 // FRIDAY // 9.00-11.00 AM

Diasporas in Russia


PANEL R4 // THURSDAY // 5.00-7.00 PM

The Impact of Russia’s War on Ukraine:
Decolonizing and Deterritorializing the Study of Gender
and Sexuality in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia

PANEL R5 // FRIDAY // 3.00-5.00 PM

Endgame Scenarios (Roundtable)

PANEL R6 // SATURDAY // 4.00-6.00 PM

Russia and East Central Europe

PANEL R7 // SATURDAY // 10.00 AM-12.00 PM

Senior Sovietologists’ Perspectives on
Russia’s War in Ukraine

PANEL R8 // SATURDAY // 1.40-3.40 PM

Minorities in Russia  

PANEL R9 // FRIDAY // 11.20 AM-1.20 PM

The Russian Regime 

PANEL R10 // THURSDAY // 5.00 – 7.00 PM

The Geopolitics of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

PANEL R11 // THURSDAY // 2.40-4.40 PM

Russian and Ukrainian Orthodoxy and the War (Roundtable)

PANEL R12 // FRIDAY // 11.20 AM-1.20 PM

The Soviet Experience: Labor, Economics, and Politics 



PANEL U1 // SATURDAY // 1.40-3.40 PM

Ukraine’s Resilience across Politics, Economy and Society:
Concepts, Drivers and Mechanisms

PANEL U2 // THURSDAY // 2.40-4.40 PM

Accountability for Sexual Violence Committed
during the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

PANEL U3 // SATURDAY // 10.00 AM-12.00 PM

Ordinary Citizens and Local Government at Times of War

PANEL U4 // THURSDAY // 11.00 AM-1.00 PM

Visual Representations of the War

PANEL U5 // THURSDAY // 5.00-7.00 PM

Book Panel on Greta Uehling’s Everyday War:
The Conflict over Donbas Ukraine (Cornell, 2023)

PANEL U6 // THURSDAY // 5.00-7.00 PM

Russia’s War on Ukraine: Media and Propaganda

PANEL U7 // FRIDAY // 3.00-5.00 PM

Book Panel on Olga Onuch and Henry Hale’s 
The Zelensky Effect (Oxford, 2023)

PANEL U8 // THURSDAY // 11.00 AM-1.00 PM

Grassroots Responses to Decentralisation,
Crisis, and War in Ukraine

PANEL U9 // SATURDAY // 4.00-6.00 PM

Is Russia Committing Genocide in Ukraine? (Roundtable)

PANEL U10 // FRIDAY // 9.00-11.00 AM

Renegotiating Identities:
Shifting Attachments and Belongings in Time of War 

PANEL U11 // THURSDAY // 11.00 AM-1.00 PM

The Representation of Ukrainian Identity in Literature
and the Arts Historically and during the Current War 

PANEL U12 // SATURDAY // 10.00 AM-12.00 PM

New Media and Research Toolkits:
Studying the War in Ukraine

PANEL U13 // THURSDAY // 2.40-4.40 PM

From One Genocide to Another:
The 1932-33 Famine in Ukraine and Russia,
and the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine

PANEL U14 // FRIDAY // 9.00-11.00 AM

Book Panel on Emily Channell-Justice’s Without the State: Self-Organization and Political Activism in Ukraine  
(Toronto, 2022)

PANEL U15 // FRIDAY // 9.00-11.00 AM

Book Panel on Myroslav Shkandrij’s In the Maelstrom:
The Waffen-SS ‘Galicia’ Division and its Legacy  
(McGill-Queen’s, 2021) 

PANEL U16 // FRIDAY // 3.00-5.00 PM

Book Panel on Catherine Wanner’s Everyday Religiosity and the Politics of Belonging in Ukraine (Cornell, 2022)

PANEL U17 // FRIDAY // 11.20 AM-1.20 PM

Book Panel on Dominique Arel and Jesse Driscoll’s
Ukraine’s Unnamed War: Before the Russian Invasion of 2022
(Cambridge, 2023) 

PANEL U18 // THURSDAY // 5.00-7.00 PM

Ukrainian Studies Abroad and the War (Roundtable)

PANEL U19 // THURSDAY // 2.40-4.40 PM

Book Panel on Eugene M. Fishel’s The Moscow Factor:
US Policy toward Sovereign Ukraine and the Kremlin
(Harvard, 2022) 

PANEL U20 // SATURDAY // 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Book Panel on William Noll’s The Transformation of Civil Society: An Oral History of Ukrainian Peasant Culture,
1920s to 1930s (McGill-Queen’s, 2023)

PANEL U21 // SATURDAY // 1:40 - 3:40 PM

Why Russia Attacks its Neighbors 

PANEL U22 // SATURDAY // 1.40-3.40 PM

(Un) Fallen Monuments: Contested Heritage and
Decentered Memory during the Russo-Ukrainian War

PANEL U23 // FRIDAY // 9.00-11.00 AM

The Russo-Ukrainian War:
Reconsidering Language, Space and Time

PANEL U24 // THURSDAY // 5.00-7.00 PM

Food (In)Security, Consumption,
and Social Justice in Soviet Ukraine

PANEL U25 // FRIDAY // 3.00-5.00 PM

Folklore and Narratives of Russia’s War against Ukraine:
Theoretical and Practical Survey 

PANEL U26 // FRIDAY // 11.20 AM-1.20 PM

Population Displacement in Ukraine

PANEL U27 // SATURDAY // 1.40-3.40 PM

Displacement and (In)visibility Methodological Challenges in
the Study of Displacement in/from Ukraine 

PANEL U28 // SATURDAY // 4.00-6.00 PM

Religion and Nationalism in Ukraine and Belarus

PANEL U29 // FRIDAY // 11.20 AM-1.20 PM

Holocaust Memory

PANEL U30 // THURSDAY // 11.00 AM-1.00 PM

Book Panel on Jessica Pisano’s Staging Democracy: Political Performance in Ukraine, Russia, and Beyond (Cornell UP, 2022)

PANEL U31 // SATURDAY // 10.00 AM-12.00 PM

Book Panel on Russia’s War in Ukraine 2022:
Personal Experiences of Ukrainian Scholars,
edited by Tetiana Kostiuchenko and Tamara Martsenyuk
(Ibidem Press, 2023)

PANEL U32 // SATURDAY // 4.00-6.00 PM

Book Panel on Oleksandra Keudel’s  How Patronal Networks Shape Opportunities for Local Citizen Participation in
a Hybrid Regime: A Comparative Analysis of Five Cities
in Ukraine (Ibidem, 2022)

PANEL U33 // SATURDAY // 4.00-6.00 PM

Russian-Ukrainian War Discourse:
Ethical and Aesthetic Dimensions

PANEL U34 // FRIDAY // 3.00-5.00 PM

Book Panel on Rory Finnin’s Blood of Others: Stalin’s Crimean Atrocity and the Poetics of Solidarity (Toronto, 2022)

Central Europe

Central Europe (including Baltics & Moldova)


Eurasia (including Central Asia & China)

PANEL EU1 // SATURDAY // 1.40-3.40 PM

Assessing Chinese State Violence Against Uyghurs,
Kazakhs and Other Minorities: Testimonies, Investigation,
and Tribunal 

PANEL EU2 // FRIDAY // 11.20 AM-1.20 PM

Nationalism Expressed through Tradition

PANEL EU3 // SATURDAY // 10.00 AM-12.00 PM

National Identity Written, Sung, and Online

PANEL EU4 // THURSDAY // 2.40-4.40 PM

Gender and Marriage in Eurasia 

PANEL EU5 // SATURDAY // 4.00-6.00 PM

National “Otheringsˮ and the Media in China and Russia

PANEL EU6 // THURSDAY // 5.00-7.00 PM

Elites and Political Communication 



Turkey, Greece & Cyprus

Turkey & Greece

PANEL TK1 // THURSDAY // 11.00 AM-1.00 PM

Syrian Refugees in Turkish Politics 


PANEL TK2 // FRIDAY // 3.00-5.00 PM

Conflict in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean

PANEL TK3 // THURSDAY // 2.40-4.40 PM

Persuasion, and Opposition in Populist Authoritarian Regimes 

PANEL TK4 // FRIDAY // 11.20 AM-1.20 PM

Mobilization and Agency after Violent Exclusion

PANEL TK5 // THURSDAY // 5.00-7.00 PM

The Unmaking of Empire and the Making of Nation

PANEL TK6 // SATURDAY // 1.40-3.40 PM

The Turkish Republic at 100 and the 2023 Elections



Special Events

Thematic Panels
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