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Europeanisation, Diplomacy
and Foreign Involvement

Friday May 17, 10.00-11.40 AM  Room 411 

Session 5

Friday (May 17):
10.00-11.40 AM
Room 411


Nikola Gajić
(U of Regensburg, Germany)



Nicole Albrecht

(Birkbeck, U of London, UK/Georgetown U, US)

The Central and Eastern European Planning Board and
the Post-WWII Economic Reconstruction
of the Region: The Case of Yugoslavia


Sabina Pačariz

(King’s College London, UK)

Symbolic Power of Authoritarian Leaders in the Western Balkans:

Covert Benefits from Foreign Involvement


Bojana Zorić

(Masaryk U, Czechia)

Turkish Foreign Policy in Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia:
A Policy of Continuity under Erdogan?


Leandrit Mehmeti 

(Rochester Institute of Technology, US)

Stuck in the Middle: 

Narratives of Stalemate and in the Normalisation of Kosovo and Serbia 



Tanya Domi

(Columbia U, US)


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