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Majority/Minority Politics in Discrimination,
Exclusion and Nation Building

Saturday May 18,  10.00-11.40 AM

Nationalism studies


Piers Eaton

(U of Ottawa, Canada)




Max-Valentin Robert

(U Catholique de Lille, France)

Two Roads to Anti-Muslim Radicalization:
Culturalized Liberalism and Religious Identitarianism Within the Far Right-Wing Youth in France


Şener Aktürk

(Koç U, Turkey)

Ethno-Religious Exclusion and the Origins of Democracy
and Nationalism in Western Europe


Meghan Garrity

(George Mason U, US)

The Concept of Apartheid:
Challenges and Opportunities for Political Scientists


Andreas Juon 

(ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Constructing the Nation:
The Identity Basis of Majority Nationalist Movements


Elizabeth Howell

(Northwestern U, US)

The Relationship Between Islam and Europe According to Balkan Muslims
in Austria after 1945



Angelica Vascotto
(U of Trieste, Italy/European Council of Foreign Relations)

Session 8

Saturday (May 18):
 10.00-11.40 AM
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