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Thursday May 18,  2.40-4.40 PM  Room 402


Catherine Corriveau

(Democratic Engagement Exchange, Canada)




Stephen Deets 

(Babson College, US)

Effectiveness of Liberalizing Mayor in Illiberal Populist Regimes


Lou Raisonnier

(U of Ottawa, Canada)

Zemmour’s Populism : Civilizationism and Claimed Radicality


Viola Denizon 

(U Panthéon-Sorbonne, France)

The Expansion of the Far Right in Europe Through the Case of Italy: 

Fascist Heritage, Rejection of Immigration, Nationalist Values


Tamta Gelashvili 

(U of Oslo, Norway)

The Far Right in Hybrid Regimes


Jens Meijen

Peter Vermeersch

(KU Leuven, Belgium)

Russian Roulette for Electoral Gain?

The Effects of the Russian Invasion on Populist Rhetoric in Western Europe



Jeff Maskovsky

(CUNY Graduate School, US)

Liberalism, Populism and the Nation

Nationalism studies

Session 2

Thursday (May 18):
 2.40-4.40 PM
Room 402
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