Session 6

Thursday (May 6):
1.30-3.00 PM ET


Peter Vermeersch

(KU Leuven, Belgium)



Thomas Ort

(Queens College CUNY, US)

Remembering Reinhard Heydrich: 

The Politics of Memory in Nazi-Occupied Prague, 1942-1945


Vojtech Kyncl

(Institute of History, Czech Republic)

Lidice Memorial: A Symbol of Crime Against Humanity 

at the Service of a State Narrative


Muriel Blaive

(Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Czech Republic)

The Czech State Narrative of the Communist Past: 

A (Failed) Endeavour to Erase the Memory of Collaboration



Melissa Feinberg

(Rutgers U, US)


Nazi and Communist History and

Memory in the Czech Lands 

Thursday May 6, 1.30-3.00 PM ET

Central Europe