The Politics of EU Membership

Thursday May 6, 8.00-9.30 AM EST

Session 4

Thursday (May 6):
8.00-9.30 AM EST


Adam Fagan

(King’s College London, UK)



Kristijan Fidanovski

(U of Oxford, UK)

The Perils of Protracted EU Accession: 

Elite Instrumentalization of Pro-EU Sentiments in North Macedonia and Serbia


Anastasiia Kudlenko

(U of London, UK)

Security Sector Reform as a Tool of EU Member-State Building 

in the Western Balkans


Federico Giulio Sicurella 

(U of Milan, Italy)

Pro- and Anti-Enlargement Political Discourses in the EU: 

The Case of the Western Balkans

*co-authored with Tatjana Sekulic (U of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)


Piotr Mirocha 

(U of Krakow, Poland)

Discourses of a New Croatian Euroscepticism and Representations 

of Europe in the Mainstream Media After 2007



John Hulsey

(James Madison U, US)


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