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Western Responses to the Ambitions
of Post-Soviet Societie

Thursday May 16, 3.20-5.00 PM

Session 3

Thursday (May 16):
3.20-5.00 PM


Anton Saifullayeu

(U of Warsaw, Poland)




Paweł Kowal 

(Institute of Political Science, Poland)

Western Reactions to Protest Actions in Eastern Europe.
An Illustration of Response Limitations to Democratisation Movements in the Post-Soviet Space


Georges Mink

(College of Europe Natolin, Poland) 

French Elites Confronted With Russian Neo-Imperialism or the Failure
of the “En Même Temps” Approach to French Foreign Policy


Iwona Reichardt

(Jagiellonian U/College of Europe Natolin, Poland)

The Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus Doctrine and Polish Elite’s Thinking
About Eastern Foreign Policy Compared to the  Social Response to the War in Ukraine




Peter Vermeersch

(KU Leuven, Belgium)

Central Europe

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