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Session 1

Thursday (May 16):
10.00-11.40 AM





Christofer Berglund

(Södertörn U, Sweden)

Brothers in Arms?

Estonia’s Defence Forces and the Trojan Horse Dilemma (1991-2021)


Janos Fiala-Butora

(Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary)

Changing European Minority Rights Standards: Improvement or Regression?


Csilla Varga

(U of Public Service, Hungary)

The Political Participation and Representation of National Minorities in an Intergovernmental Setting


Svetluša Surova

(Minority Issues Research Institute, Slovakia)

“We Were Like Dogs Locked in Here”:
Dissenting Voices From the Quarantined Roma Settlements During the First Wave
of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Slovakia


David Andreas Bell

(Norwegian U of Science and Technology) 

30 Years of Prejudice:
An Analysis of Bias Towards Ethnic Outgroups in Central and Eastern Europe: 1990-2020


Timo Aava

(Hebrew U of Jerusalem, Israel) 

Between the Individual and the Group: Minority Rights in Interwar Estonia



Myra Waterbury

(Ohio U, US)

Minority Rights in Central Europe 

Thursday May 16, 10.00-11.40 AM

Central Europe

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