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Session 4

Friday (May 19):
9.00-11.00 AM
Room 418


Szabolcs Pogonyi

(CEU, Hungary)



Vello Pettai

(European Centre for Minority Issues, Germany)

How Does E-Governance Affect Ethnic Minorities? 

Comparative Evidence from Four Countries


Balázs Vizi

(Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary)

Minority Language Rights and Territoriality in Hungary and Italy


Balázs Dobos

(Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary)

The Parliamentary Representation of Minorities in Hungary: 

Effective Participation or Window-Dressing?


Svetluša Surová

(Independent Scholar, Slovakia)

Targeting Marginalised Roma Communities in Slovakia:
An Analysis of Official Acts During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Peter F LaBelle

(Georgetown U, US)

A Delicate Balance on the Dniester: Local Government Discourse and
Ethnic Identity in Different Russian-Speaking Moldovan Municipalities



Kristin Henrard

(Vrije U Brussel, Belgium)

Minority Politics in Central Europe 

Friday May 19, 9.00-11.00 AM Room 418

Central Europe

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