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Ending the Israel-Palestine Conflict

What Might a Post October 7th Peace
Settlement Look Like?


Katalin Rac

(Emory U, US)




Elisa Cavatorta

(King’s College London, UK)

Revealing the Space for a Peace Agreement Between Parties in Conflict


Limor Yehuda

(Hebrew U of Jerusalem, Israel)

Theorizing Transition in Israel/Palestine: From Violence and Domination

Towards Parity and Cooperation Within a Confederal Model of Two States


Adam Fagan 

(King’s College London, UK)

Is the Confederal Model for Resolving the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Still Viable? Some Lessons from Bosnia-Herzegovina


Omar M. Dajani

(U of the Pacific, US)

The Concept of Apartheid:
Challenges and Opportunities for Political Scientists



Lisa Anderson

(Columbia U, US)

Thursday May 16, 3.20-5.00 PM  Room 404 

Nationalism studies

Session 3

Thursday (May 16):
3.20-5.00 PM
Room 404
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