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Difficult Neighborhood
Belarusian-Polish Relations After 2020

Friday May 17, 10.00-11.40 AM  Room 409 

Session 5

Friday (May 2017:
10.00-11.40 AM
Room 409


Iwona Reichardt

(Jagiellonian U, Poland)



Anton Saifullayeu

(U of Warsaw, Poland)

Public Enemy Number One: 

Depiction of Poland in Belarusian Propaganda After 2020


Magdalena Lachowicz

(Adam Mickiewicz U, Poland)

Polish Policy Towards Belarus in 2020-2023:

Key Disputes and the Pragmatism of Conservatists


Ludwika Włodek

(U of Warsaw, Poland)

Migratory Crisis on Belarusian-Polish Border: Comparison of Polish

Policy Toward Refugees and Migrants from European
and Non-European Countries.


Maxim Rust

(U of Warsaw, Poland)

Strategies of Belarusian Elites in Relation to Poland in the Conditions of

a Dichotomy of the Political Scene and Spin-Dictatorship, 2020-2024

Central Europe

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