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Solidarity Without Consensus

Re-Imagining Humanity After Atrocities
in Transpacific Context

Session 6

Friday (May 19)
3.00-5.00 PM
Room 324


David Stroup

(U of Manchester, UK)



Merose Hwang 

(Hiram College, US)

Post-Massacre Rituals as Archive in a Cold War Haunted South Korea


Kimiko Ichikawa 

(Hebrew U of Jerusalem, Israel)

Hibakusha-Atomic Bombs Survivors in Japan: 

Survivors’ Human Rights, Government Recognition and Social Segregation


Jungah Kim 

(CUNY Manhattan Community College, US)

Water Memories: Implicated Subjects, Manzanar, 

and the Question of Solidarity


Hyerin Seo 

(Michigan State U, US)

Nationalism Motivating and Demotivating Political Participation in South Korea




Dennis B Klein

(Kean U, US)

Friday May 19, 3.00-5.00 PM Room 324

Nationalism studies

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