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Understanding Yugoslavia in the Global Context
Perspectives, Challenges, Interpretations 

Saturday May 20, 10.00 AM-12.00 PM Room 410


Soeren Keil

(U of Fribourg, Switzerland)




Anna Calori

(U of Vienna, Austria)

The Yugoslav Alternative beyond Yugoslavia? Revisiting the History of

“Third Ways” in the Global Cold War and its Aftermath


Jelena Đureinović

(U of Vienna, Austria)

The “Partisan Myth” Goes Global: The Yugoslav Culture of Remembrance 

in the Contexts of Global Cold War History and Transcultural Memory Studies

Ajkuna Tafa

(Independent Scholar, NY, US)

Subverting the Socialist Order? Race and the Yugoslav Globalization 

Nela Erdeljac

(U of Zagreb, Croatia)

Stepping onto the World's Stage:

Music Diplomacies of the two Yugoslavias in the 20th century


Session 7

Saturday (May 20):
10.00 AM-12.00 PM
Room 410
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