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Friday May 19, 2023  3:00 PM  ROOM 1219

Judges Under Pressure

Poland, 2021 (87 min.)

Since 2015 Poland’s ruling party Law and Justice has been dismantling the democratic system and the tripartite division of powers.  Polish judges face firing and even arrest for standing up against the trampling of the Constitution. The main protagonist of the film, Igor Tuleya, is a judge who has become a public enemy. We observe, how the political pressure destroys his life, what consequences he faces for his uncompromising attitude.  In the meantime, the largest street protests in Poland’s history burst out, the reason being the ruling of the corrupt Constitutional Court.  The citizens and the lawyers stand together in defence of the rule of law.

“These are beautiful people—the judges, but also the citizens, who refuse to back down. They don’t always have a camera in their hands; sometimes it’s just a piece of paper. This is a film for them.” –Kacper Lisowski,

Kacper Lisowski.jpeg


Kacper Lisowski


Barbara Orlicz, Krakow Film Institute

In Polish with English subtitles

Film 11
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