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Friday May 19, 2023  1:20 PM  ROOM 1201
Saturday May 20, 2023 
10:00 AM  ROOM 1201

The Investigator

Czechia, Croatia, 2022 (74 min.)

Vladimir Dzuro is the only Czech investigator to have worked for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. He collected evidence against war criminals and ethnic cleansing perpetrators. His two biggest cases include the Ovčara massacre in Vukovar and the ethnic cleansing committed by the warlord Arkan. The film follows Dzuro on his journey across the places of investigation in former Yugoslavia and meet the survivors of these cases.  What is the landscape of the Balkans 25 years after the mass violence? What happened to the people who still live there and to their memory? What is the significance and meaning of justice brought from the outside?

“I was curious about the intervention of the international community and its belief that it could bring order to the chaos by setting up The Hague Tribunal… I had no idea what level of refusal and disappointment I would encounter.” –Viktor Portal



Viktor Portal


Larry Rattner, EPF Media

In Czech, Bosnian and English with English subtitles

Film 9
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