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The Russian War in Ukraine
and Collaboration 

Friday May 17, 12.00-1.40 PM



Daria Mattingly

(U of Chichester, UK)



Mariia Kostiv

(Research Institute of Private Law, Ukraine)

A Legal Assessment of Collaborationism during
the Russian Occupation of Ukrainian Territories


Alice Mee

(Harriman Institute, Columbia U, US)

The Enemy Within? 

Collaboration and the Boundaries of National Identity in Wartime Ukraine


Serhiy Kudelia

(Baylor U, US)

Collaboration, Defiance, Exit:
Municipal Elite Strategies in 2014 and 2022


Oleksandr Melnyk

(U of Alberta, Canada)

The Politics of Empire-Building and Nation-Breaking in Southern Ukraine:
Between Regime Change and the Strategy of Incorporation, Spring-Fall 2022


Dominique Arel

(U of Ottawa, Canada)

Jesse Driscoll

(UC San Diego)

Imagining Reintegration: 

Territorial Reunification of Crimea and Eastern Donba



Keith Darden

(American U, US)

Session 6

Friday (May 17):
12.00-1.40 PM
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