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Authoritarianism in Turkey

Thursday May 16, 5.20-7.00 PM  Room 402B 


Ceren Belge

(Concordia U, Canada)



Hande Ramazanogullari

(Istanbul Kent U, Turkey)

Müşahits, Guardians of The Ballot-Box:
An Electoral Social Movement Model in Turkey in the Aftermath of Istanbul Gezi Events


Idil Onen

(CUNY Graduate Center, US)

Making a ‘New’ Turkey: Violence, Security and Memory in the Aftermath
of the Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey


Mert Can Bayar

(U of Washington, US) 

Politics of Good and Evil:
Conspiracy Theories’ Role in Democratic Norm Erosion.
The Case of Turkiye


Didem Seyis 

(SUNY Binghamton, US)

Lisel Hintz

(Johns Hopkins U, US)

Producing Personality Cults:
A Regime Video Analysis of Political Personalization



Yunus Sözen

(Le Moyne College, US)

Turkey & Greece

Session 4

Thursday (May 16):
5.20-7.00 PM
Room 402B
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