Minorities after Versailles in Europe and the Middle East

A Comparative Perspective 

Session 7

Friday (May 7):
8.00-9.30 AM EST


Stephen Deets

(Babson College, US)



Sarah Shields

(UNC Chapel Hill, US)

Weaponizing and Protecting Minorities:

The League of Nations and the Middle East


Volker Prott

(Aston U, UK)

The Limits of the Peace Treaties: Minorities in Alsace-Lorraine and the

Greco-Turkish Conflict in Comparison, 1919–1923


R. Chris Davis

(Lone Star College-Kingwood, US)

Negotiated Belongings: Ethnic Protections
and Privileges in Post-Versailles Romania and Hungary


Alessandro Ambrosino

(Graduate Institute, Switzerland)

The Option Agreement in the Shadow of the Versailles System:

Between Choice, Race and National Prestige



Emmanuel Dalle Mulle

(Graduate Institute, Switzerland)

Friday May 7, 8.00-9.30 AM EST 

Nationalism studies

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