Session 5

Thursday (May 6):
10.00-11.30 AM EST


Elsa Voytas

(Princeton U, US)



Iris Pissaride

(U of Cambridge, UK)

Colonial Archeology and the Construction of Ethno-Religious Identities 

in Cypriot Museums


Kimberly Consroe

(CUNY Graduate Center, US)

The Final Threshold: 

Archaeology of Caliphate, Empire, and Nation in Borderland Turkey


Anna-Karin Eriksson

(Linnaeus U, Sweden) 

Educationalizing the War Dead: 

Affect and the Possibility of Feminist Critique


Jennifer Ostojski

(Northeastern U, US)

From National Heroes to Global Heroes: 

Statues on the Move



Janet Ward

(U of Oklahoma, US)


Curating the Nation

Archeology, Museums, Monuments

Thursday May 6, 10.00-11.30 AM EST 

Nationalism studies

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