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Session 2

Thursday (May 16):
12.00-1.40 PM
Room 405


Maili Vilson

(U of Tartu, Estonia)



Katarzyna Stokłosa

Gerhard Besier

(Technical U of Dresden, Germany)

Security Policy and Trust : A Comparative Study of the Finnish-Russian
and the Polish-Russian Border Region


Jakub Wondreys

(Hannah Arendt Institute, Dresden, Germany)

Are You Friend or Foe ? European Radical Parties and Putin’s Russia


Inga Miller

(U of Albany, US)

Pushkinopad: A Hard Pushback Against Russia’s Soft Power ? 


Jakub M Godzimirski

(Norwegian Institute of International Affairs)

Russian Repertoires of Power: Comparing Russian Power Practices
in Ukraine and in the Middle East/North Africa


Lia Tsuladze

(Tbilisi State U, Georgia)

Tracing Georgia’s de-Europeanization:
Discursive Opposition to the EU and its Escalation after Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine 




Olena Lennon

(U of New Haven, US)

Who Does Russia Appeal to Anymore?
Russian Soft Power and Foreign Policy 

Thursday May 16, 12.00-1.40 PM  Room 405 


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