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Gendered Politics, Sexualized Violence, and Accountability in Russia’s War against Ukraine
Critical Feminist Perspectives

Thursday May 16, 3.20-5.00 PM  Room 501 



Victoria Pardini

(Wilson Center, US)



Alexandra Hrycak

(Reed College, US)

Listening to “Outsiders Within”:
A Feminist Perspective on Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Ukraine since 2014


Janet Elise Johnson

Veronika Tsiko

(CUNY Brooklyn College, US) 

Decolonizing Russia’s Sexualized Violence in Its War against Ukraine


Diana Dukhanova

(College of the Holy Cross, US)

Blessed be the Cannon Fodder:
Russian Orthodox Pronatalism and the Russo-Ukrainian War


Alexandra Novitskaya

(Wilson Center, US)

“Life is Highly Overrated”:
Necropolitics of Russian Masculinities During Russia’s War against Ukraine


Marnie Howlett

(U of Oxford, UK)

“I am not Pereselenka”: An Analysis of
Doubly Internally Displaced Ukrainian Women’s Experiences of In/Exclusion



Mara Lazda

(CUNY Bronx Community College, US)

Session 3

Thursday (May 16):
3.20-5.00 PM
Room 501
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