Session VIII

Friday (May 3):
5:20 - 7:20 PM


Liisa Tuhkanen

(U College London, UK)


Şener Aktürk 

(Koç U, Turkey) 

A Muslim Community Under Catholic Rule: 

Explaining the Exceptional Survival of the Lithuanian Tatars


Alina Jasina-Schäfer 

(Justus Liebig U Giessen, Germany)   

‘Our Birches, Our Trees – Everything Is So Dear to Me’: 

Naturalisation of Belonging at the Estonian Borderland 


Tibor Tóth 

(U of Delaware, US) 

Linguistic Landscape in Southern Slovakia:  

Sample Design and Learning from Google’s Street View Images  


Cristina Dragomir

(Columbia U, US)


Strategy of Minority Belonging

and Survival 

Friday May 3, 5:20 - 7:20 PM

Central Europe

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