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Central Europe

Jews and Antisemitism

Thursday May 16, 12.00-1.40 PM  Room 407 


Aviel Roshwald

(Georgetown U, US)


Felicia Waldman 

(U of Bucharest, Romania)  

Israel and the Israeli-Arab Conflict in the Eyes of Romanian Communists


Anat Plocker 

(Stockton U, US)

The Expulsion of Jews from Communist Poland:
Fear and Security under National Communism


Oleg Budnitskii

(National Humanities Center, NC, US)

Soviet Antisemitism Reconsidered: The Case of Jews in the NKVD


Victoria Khiterer

(Millersville U, US)

The KGB Against Jews: How Babyn Yar Turned into a Place of Protest and
Struggle for Jewish Rights in the Soviet Union


Alexis Lerner

(United States Naval Academy)

From Classrooms to Conflict Zones: The Impact of Holocaust Education on
Student Attitudes Before and During the Israel-Gaza War of 2023



Brandon Schechter

(Blavatnik Archive, US)

Session 2

Thursday (May 16):
12.00-1.40 PM
Room 407
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