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Samantha Twietmeyer

(Queen’s U, Canada)



Norbert Tóth

(U of Public Service, Hungary) 

Bilateral International Agreements as Evidence of Regional Customary

International Norms on Minorities? The case of Central and Eastern Europe


Balázs Vizi 

(U of Public Service, Hungary)  

Participation of Minority Organisations in Bilateral State Relations: 

Central European Cases


Sándor Földvári 

(Debrecen U, Hungary) 

Swedish Minority in Estonia and Estonian Minority in Sweden:

Their Identity as Reflected in the “Svio-Estonica’” Yearbook


Csilla Varga

(U of Public Service, Hungary) 

Respect of Minority Rights in Inter-State Relations: 

Bilateral Committees Between Hungary and Its Neighbors



Ljubica Djordjević

(European Centre for Minority Issues, Germany)

Bilateral State Relations 
and Minority Issues 

Friday May 6, 8.30-10.00 AM ET

Central Europe

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