Session 12

Saturday (May 8):
1.30-3.00 EST


Michele Commercio

(U of Vermont, US)



Sophia Horowitz

(Harvard U, US) 

The Rise, Repression, and Resistance of Soviet “Academic Entrepreneurs”: 

The Development of Academic Turkology in the USSR, 1917-1953


Jessica Lovett

(U of Nottingham, UK) 

“The Fate of the Nation”: Population Politics 

in a Changing Soviet Union (1964-1982)


Brent Hierman

(Virginia Military Institute, US)

Death and Taxes: Assessing the Link between the Death of Dictators 

and Economic Reforms in Eurasia


Courtney Kayser

(George Mason U, US)

Managing a Pandemic: Authoritarian Responses to COVID-19

*co-authored with Farah Abou Harb (George Mason U, US)



Lawrence Markowitz

(Rowan U, US)


Authoritarian Governance in Soviet

and post-Soviet Central Asia

Saturday May 8, 1.30-3.00 EST 


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