Session XI

Saturday (May 4):
4:10 - 6:10 PM


Oleksandra Gaidai

(Museum of History, Kyiv, Ukraine)


Irina Soboleva

(Columbia U, USA)

Exaggerating the Gap:

Heterogeneous Effects of Civil Engagement Campaigns in Polarized Societies

Susann Worschech

(European U Viadrina, Germany)

Nationalistic Europeanization? Conceptions of Europe and Transnational Network

Structures of Nationalistic Movements in and around Ukraine

Iryna Lysenko

(Herder Institute for Historical Research, Germany)

Bloodshed for Europe?

Framing the Maidan Revolution 2013/14 as a Civilisational Choice Between

Russian “Backwardness” and Europe’s Democratic Values

Vanessa Rao

(U of Bologna, Italy)

Contending Identities in Ukraine:

The Mobilization of Nationalist Historical Narratives During the Maidan Uprising


Olga Onuch

(U of Manchester, UK)


Mobilization, Protests, and

Public Engagement in Ukraine

Saturday May 4, 4:10 - 6:10 PM 


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