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Session 6

Friday (May19):
3.00-5.00 PM
Room 418


Catherine Corriveau

(Democratic Engagement Exchange, Canada)


David Carment 

(Carleton U, Canada)

Diaspora Networks and Fragile and Conflict Affected States: 

Theory and Policy


Juanita Molano

(Carleton U, Canada)

How to Benefit from the IT Exodus and Unexpected Talent Flows?
The Labor Integration of Russian IT Specialists in Turkey


Jennifer S Wistrand 

(Miami U, US)

Implications of the Russia-Ukraine War for Eurasia’s Displaced People:

“Competition” Among the Displaced? 


Dani Belo  

(Webster U, US)

Russia’s Diaspora Strategy in the Baltic Region in 

an Era of Escalated Gray Zone Conflict




Paul Goode

(Carleton U, Canada)

Refugee Flows, Labour Exodus, and Stranded Diasporas
in the Aftermath of Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine

Friday May 19, 3.00-5.00 PM Room 418


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