Session 10

Saturday (May 8):
8.00-9.30 AM EST


Alexandra Wishart

(U of Ottawa, Canada)



Inna Melnykovska

(Central European U, Austria)

IT-Business Against the System: 

Incepting Democratic Innovations in Post-Maidan Ukraine


Tamara Martsenyuk 

(U Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Ukraine)

Veterans of Donbas War in Ukraine: Attitudes of the Ukrainian Society

and Success Stories of Their Reintegration


Tymofii Brik

(Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine)

The Effects of Social Identification and Disidentification in Shaping Implicit Theories

and Voting Behavior in the Context of Runoff Presidential Elections 

in Slovakia and Ukraine


Tetiana Kostiuchenko

(U Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Ukraine) 

Political Elites Continuity in Ukraine: 

New-Comers and Survivors in Post-Maidan Power Networks



Gwendolyn Sasse

(ZOiS, Germany)


Citizens and Elites in Post-Maidan Ukraine

Emerging of New Actors and Political Strategies 

Saturday May 8, 8.00-9.30 AM EST