Session 10

Saturday (May 8):
8.00-9.30 AM ET


George Soroka

(Harvard U, US)



Stefanie M. Woodard

(Kennesaw State U, US)

“A German is Whoever Was a Good Nazi”:

 How and Why the Deutsche Volksliste Re-Emerged in Cold War Resettler Migration


Dovile Sagatiene

(Mykolas Romeris U, Lithuania)

Is Soviet Nuremberg Happening in the European Court of Human Rights?


Gela Merabishvili

(Virginia Tech, US)

Nationalist Affects of Pride and Trauma in Hungary: 

Defending Europe at the Trianon Border


Marcin Cieszkiel

(U of Toronto, Canada)

Iconography of a City in the Podolian Voivodeship: 

A Gloss of the Polish Diasporic Historian in the 20th Century



Stefano Bianchini

(U of Bologna, Italy)


Historical Interpretations of Nationhood 

Saturday May 8, 8.00-9.30 AM ET

Central Europe