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Mnemonic and Identity Politics, Radicalization and Peacebuilding in the Russian North Caucasus, Georgia
and Ukraine in the late Soviet and Post-1991 Periods

Thursday May 18, 11.00 AM-1.00 PM Room 403



Leila Wilmers

(Cornell U, US)



Cécile Druey

(U of Bern, Switzerland)

Mobilisation and Radicalisation in Late Soviet Chechnya (1986–1991)


Elena Natenadze

(U of Bern, Switzerland)

The Narrative-based Framework for Conflict Transformation:

the Case of the Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict of 1992-1993


Tamar Demurishvili

(U of Bern, Switzerland)

(Post-)Soviet State and Local Heritage (Kraevedcheskie) Museums in Georgia:

Official and Public Memory Work from the 1970s to the Present


Oksana Myshlovska

(U of Bern, Switzerland)

The Government Policies of Recognition and “Identity Backlash”

during the Period of Yushchenko’s Presidency




Gulnaz Sibgatullina

(U of Amsterdam, Netherlands/GWU, US)

Session 1

Thursday (May 18):
11.00 AM-1.00 PM
Room 403
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