Session XI

Saturday (May 4):
4:10 - 6:10 PM


Stephen Jones

(Mount Holyoke College, US)


Mauricio Borrero

(St. John’s U, US)

Three Intersections of Sport and National Identity: 

The Soviet Football League, Dinamo Tbilisi, and Baku 2020  


Naira Sahakyan

(U of Amsterdam, Netherlands/European U at Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Levels of Identity? Тhe Project to Establish a State-Nation

in Multiethnic Daghestan during the Revolution of 1917



Peter Kabachnik

(College of Staten Island, CUNY, US)

States of Missing, Missing States: Spatializing the Soviet Union 

and Yugoslavia in Contemporary Post-Socialist Space  


Sebastian Muth

(Lancaster U, UK)

Where Post-Soviet Never Ends: Russian and the Politics of Language 

and Identity in Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria



Julie A. George

(Queens College, CUNY, US)


Memory and Identity Formation

in the Caucasus and Beyond

Saturday May 4, 4:10 - 6:10 PM 


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