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Socialist Yugoslavia from Within
and Outside

Friday May 19, 11.20 AM-1.20 PM Room 410

Session 5

Friday (May 19):
11.20 AM-1.20 PM
Room 410


Jelena Đureinović

(U of Vienna, Austria)




Nicole Albrecht

(U of London, UK/Georgetown U, US)

The Power of Gold: Rudolf Bicanic and the Search for the Political

Legitimacy over Yugoslavia 1943-1945


Nela Erdeljac

(U of Zagreb, Croatia)

A Musician’s Touch: Zlatko Baloković, the Communist Party of Yugoslavia 

and the Second Yugoslavia


Mila Dragojević

(Sewanee: The U of the South, US)

Yugoslav Multiculturalism and the Case of the Croatian Spring


Harry Blain

(UC Sacramento, US)

A Useful Nuisance: 

Congress and the Consolidation of U.S.-Yugoslavia Relations, 1948-1960


Anna Calori

(U of Vienna, Austria)

Exporting the Yugoslav Alternative?

Tracing the Yugoslav Roots of Non-Aligned Industrial Development Models




Susan Woodward

(CUNY Graduate School, US)


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