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Protests, Activism and Solidarity
in the post-Yugoslav Space

Friday May 19, 9.00-11.00 AM Room 410

Session 4

Friday (May 19):
9.00-11.00 AM
Room 410


Stefano Bianchini

(U of Bologna, Italy)



Mate Subašić

(Manchester Metropolitan U, UK)

The ‘Greening’ of Protest Politics: Explaining the Significance of

Environmental Frames in the Rio Tinto Protests in Serbia*


Ivana Stepanovic

(Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg, Hungary)

Nationalism, Patriotism and Ecology Activism: Digital

Ethnography of Lithium Mining Protests in Serbia


Chiara Milan

(Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy)

Between Solidarity and Care: The Meaning of Engagement for Refugee

Solidarity Activists Along the Western Balkans Route


Igor Stipić

(U of Regensburg, Germany)

The Rich Were Always the Foreigners: Narratives of Class and Nation

Among Protesting High School Students in Bosnia and Chile


Dragana Cvetanović

(U of Helsinki, Finland)

Hip Hop Studies as Scaled Method:
The Curious Case of Domestic Hip Hop in Post-Yugoslav Spaces




Tena Prelec

(U of Oxford, UK)


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