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Session 7

Saturday (May 20):
10.00 AM-12.00 PM
Room 407


Rainer Ruge

(EU, Brussels, Belgium)



Aiste Mickonyte

(U of Graz, Austria)

Unrecognized Entities: The Politics of Constitutionalism in the Shadow 

of Russia‘s War Against Ukraine


Ruben Elamiryan

(Russian-Armenian U, Armenia)

Small States in Times of Changing Global Order: 

Perspectives for Armenia’s Foreign and Security Policy


Kathleen Gergely

(Indiana U, US)

Regional Integration Challenged: 

Cooperation and Conflict in the Post-Soviet South Caucasus


Nino Abzianidze

(Georgian Institute of Public Affairs, Georgia)

Journalists: Middlemen or Dominant Agents? Analyzing the Actor Structure 

of the Nationalist Discourse in the Georgian Print Media




Ohannes Geukjian

(American U of Beirut, Lebanon)

Foreign Policy and Public Discourse
in the South Caucasus

Saturday May 20, 10.00 AM-12.00 PM • Room 407

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