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Margarita Tadevosyan

(George Mason U, US)



Nutsa Batiashvili 

(Free U of Tbilisi, Georgia)

Anxiety of Treason in a Small Country


Karli-Jo Storm

(U of Eastern Finland)

 “Ti Kto Takoi? Davai, Do Svidaniya”:

Discursive-Technical Landscaping and Policing the Body (Politic) in Azerbaijan


Aram Simonyan

(U of Kiel, Germany) 

Democracy Building and the Link Between Public Trust 

and Corruption Perception: Comparative Analysis Before and After 

the Armenian Velvet Revolution in 2018 

*co-authored with David Schultz (U of Hamline, US)

Claudia Palazzo

(Centro Studi Italo-Georgiani, Italy)

Water Conflicts in the South Caucasus:

A Comparative Analysis of Three Case Studies in the Context of “Frozen Conflicts”




Julie George 

(Queens College CUNY, US)

Politics and Society in the South Caucasus

Saturday May 7, 10.30 AM-12.00 PM ET

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