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Anastasia Llewellyn

(U of Ottawa, Canada)



Qingming Huang

(U of Florida, US)

North Korea and South Korea:

Monopolizing Nationalism in a Divided Peninsula


Eun A Jo

(Cornell U, US)

Pasts that Bind: Memory, Institutions, and the Domestic Politics

of South Korean-Japanese Reconciliation


Maria Jose Hierro 

(Yale U, USA)

Old Issues and the Shaping of National Identities in Greece, Portugal and Spain

*co-authored with Jorge M. Fernandes (U of Lisbon, Portugal),

José Pedro Monteiro (U of Coimbra, Portugal),

and Ioannis N. Grigoriadis (Bilkent U, Turkey)


Georgios Kritikos 

(Harokopio U, Greece)

Uses and Abuses of Ancient Greece Before and During

the Second World War (1936-1941)


Zeynep Bulutgil


Collective Memory, Founding Myths, 
and Nationalism 

Wednesday May 4, 2.00-3.30 PM ET 

Nationalism studies

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