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Agency and Narratives of Ukrainian Refugees 

Thursday May 18, 5.00-7.00 PM • Room 501B

Session 3

Thursday (May 18):
5.00-7.00 PM
Room 501B


Viktoria Sereda

(U Catholic U, Lviv/Forum of Transregional Studies,
Berlin, Germany)



Olena Muradyan

(Karazin U Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Alone Out of Home: What we Don’t Know About Female Refugees
(Case of Ukraine) 

Daria Yashkina

(Karazin U Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Brain Drain or International Experience:

The Challenges and Opportunities of Refugee Ukrainian Scholars

and Students After the 2022 Invasion


Halyna Lemekh 

(St. Francis College, US)

The Fourth Wave of Ukrainian Economic Immigrants and the Fifth Wave
of Ukrainian Refugees in the United States: Challenges and Solutions



James F Hollifield

(Southern Methodist U, US)

Sponsored by the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute (Ukraine 24 Initiative)


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