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Session 4

Friday (May 19):
9.00-11.00 AM
Room 1512


Anastasia Fomitchova

(U of Ottawa, Canada)




Lowell Barrington

(Marquette U, US)

The Problematic Combination of Civic National Identity and Animosity

toward Ethnic Russians in Ukraine


Volodymyr Kulyk

(Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies, Ukraine)

Changes in the Language Practices of Ukrainians and Attitudes

 in the Wake of Russia’s Full-Blown Invasion


Anna Vozna

(U of Ottawa, Canada)

Ukrainian Identities of Russophone Ukrainians before the Full-Scale War


Lena Surzhko Harned

(Penn State U, US)

Nataliia Kasianenko 

(California State U Fresno, US)

The Fluidity of National Identity among Russian-Speaking Ukrainians


Keith Doubt

(Wittenberg U, US)

Wounding Interethnic Ritual Kinship: Kumstvo in Ukraine


Angela Kachuyevski

(Arcadia U, US)


Renegotiating Identities

 Shifting Attachments and Belongings
in Time of War

Friday May 19, 9.00-11.00 AM Room 1512


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