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Saturday May 18, 10.00-11.40 AM  Room 407 



Irina Aristarkhova

(U of Michigan, US)



Iryna Kovalenko

(European U Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Germany)

The Image of a KGB Agent in Russian and Ukrainian Literatures


Andrey Davydov

(McGill U, Canada)

“Ethnonationalism for Them, Multinationality for Us”:
Domestic Adoption of International Radical Right Rhetoric by the Russian Regime


Volha Biziukova

(Brown U, US)

Redefining the Realm of the Political in the “State-Civilization:
” Political Engagement and State-Citizen Relations in Contemporary Russia


Anton Dinerstein

(Institute of Slavic Studies, Poland)

Power as Identity and the Identity of Power:
Conceptualizing Politics Based on Russian-Language Political Discourse in Belarus


Gerard Toal

(Virginia Tech, US)

Narratives of Russian Nationalism

Session 8

Saturday (May 18):

10.00-11.40 AM
Room 407
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