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Saturday May 18, 10.00-11.40 AM


Decoding Ukrainian Superpower

Symbols and Narratives of Resilience and Resistance
in the Context of Russian War Against Ukraine


Session 8

Saturday (May 18):
10.00-11.40 AM


Katerina Sviderska

(U de Montréal, Canada)




Lada Kolomiyets

(Dartmouth College, US / Taras Shevchenko U of Kyiv, Ukraine)

Ukrainian (Folk) Culture of Wartime: 

Memeization, Poetic Mystification, Mocking Word Formation


Sophie Shields

(Dartmouth College, US)

Writing from Displacement: Language Transition as Cultural Resistance


Olha Voznyuk

(Institute of Slavonic Studies, Czechia)

Symbols of the War Resistance in Contemporary Ukrainian Literature After 2022


Svitlana Kot

(Saarland U, Germany)

«One Man’s Hero is Another Man’s Villain»:
The Role of Participatory Culture in Narrating Russo-Ukrainian War through Digital Visual Art


Yana Prymachenko

(Princeton U, US)

The Shield of the Motherland: Russian Invasion and
the End of the Soviet Cult of Great Victory in Ukraine




Yuliya Yurchuk

(Södertörn U, Sweden)

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