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National History and Minorities
Education and New Narratives of the Past and Present in
Contemporary Poland

Friday May 17, 12.00-1.40 PM   Room 409 

Central Europe

Session 6

Friday (May 17):
12.00-1.40 PM
Room 409


James Richter

(Bates College, US)




Michał Rauszer

(U of Warsaw, Poland)

“I Have to Show the Mistakes of the Nation...”
Canonical and Vernacular Teaching About the Nation in the Polish Education System


Geneviève Zubrzycki

(U of Michigan, US)

“New Jews” Reappropriation of Jewishness in Contemporary Poland


Ewa Tartakowsky

(CNRS, France)

Holocaust vs. “Polokaust”:
Competitive Discourses in Historical Policies and History Teaching in Poland


Anna Jeglinska

(Uppsala U, Sweden) 

Learning Identity:
The Case of Polish Diaspora Schools




Małgorzata Mazurek 

(Columbia U, US)

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