Challenges to Building Modern States 

in Post-Conflict Political and Economic Environments 

Saturday May 4, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Session IX

Saturday (May 4):
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Diana Greenwald

(City College, CUNY, US)


Alissa Boguslaw

(The New School, US)

Sovereign Not Sovereign: Independence and Indeterminacy in Kosovo


Marius Calu

(Regent’s U London, UK)

Kosovo Divided: Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Struggle for a State


David Siroky

(Arizona State U, US)

The Kosovo Clock: Accounting for the Timing of International Recognition


Goran Tepsic

(U of Belgrade, Serbia)

Miloš Vukelić

(U of Belgrade, Serbia)

Transforming Enemies into Adversaries: Bosnia-Herzegovina

Between “Continuation of War by Other Means” and Agonistic Pluralism


Smoki Musaraj 

(Ohio U, US)

Speculating in Kind: Klering Payments and 

the Redistribution of Risk in Albania’s Construction Industry


Susan Woodward

(CUNY Graduate School, US)



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