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Senior Sovietologists’ Perspectives on
Russia’s War in Ukraine  


Session 7

Saturday (May 20):
10.00 AM-12.00 PM
Room 404


Barbara Ann Chotiner

(U of Alabama, US)




Cynthia Roberts

(Columbia U, US)

Dictators, Windows Logics, and Offense-Defense Relationships: 

Insights from Stalin and his Generals for Putin’s Russia at War


Thomas Sherlock

(US Military Academy)

The Russian Invasion: Contradictory Effects on Ukrainian National Identity


Mikael Sandberg

(Halmstad U, Sweden)

The War in Ukraine from the Swedish/Scandinavian Perspective 


Michael Klecheski

(US Department of State [retired])

A Career Diplomat’s Perspectives on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Saturday May 20, 10.00 AM-12.00 PM Room 404


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