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Blasphemy, History and Other Prospects 
for Conflict and Solidarity in Russia and Ukraine  (ROUNDTABLE)


Richard Arnold

(Muskingum U, US)



Catherine Wanner

(Penn State U, US)

Forgiveness and the Unforgivable:

Moral and Ethical Dimensions of Interpreting History


Tetiana Kalenychenko

(National Pedagogical Drahomanov U, Ukraine)

The Religious Factor in Conflict and Peacebuilding in Ukraine


Alexander Panchenko

(European U at St. Petersburg, Russia)

Blasphemy, Desecration, Offence:

Religious Affectivity and Ritual Agency


Sergei Shtryrkov

(European U at St. Petersburg, Russia)

Archaeologists and the Ghosts of Unforgotten Ancestors:

Feeling Insulted as Being (Religiously) Ossetian in North Ossetia

Thursday May 5, 10.30 AM-12.00 PM ET 


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