Session III

Thursday (May 2):
3:40 - 5:40 PM


Daina Eglitis 

(George Washington U, US)


Maria Madalina Irimia 

(The Center for the Study of Jewish History, Romania)

Anti-Jewish Violence in Modern Romania:  

Pogroms, Plunder and Expulsions after 1859 


Felicia Waldman 

(U of Bucharest, Romania)

The Obsession with Numerus Clausus in Early 20th century Romania 

and its Legislation


Gershon Bacon

(Bar-Ilan U, Israel)

Great Achievement, Toxic Heritage, De Facto Reality: 

The Minorities Treaties, Jewish Autonomy, and Polish-Jewish Relations, 1919-1939


Zohar Segev

(U of Haifa, Israel)

Immigration, Politics and Democracy: 

The World Jewish Congress in Eastern Europe, 1936-1939


Daniel Solomon

(Georgetown U, US)

Explaining Subnational Variations in Pogrom Violence:

The Case of Kristallnacht



Robert Moses Shapiro

(CUNY Brooklyn College, US)


Within and Beyond Antisemitism? 

The Jewish Minority Before and During World War II

Thursday May 2, 3:40 - 5:40 PM 

Central Europe

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