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Minorities and Security in the Baltic States 

Session 7

Saturday (May 20):
10.00 AM-12.00 PM
Room 418


Angela Kachuyevski

(Arcadia U, US)



Jennie Schulze

(Duquesne U, US)

Juris Pupcenoks

(Marist College, US)

Defense of the State: The Securitization of Russian-Speakers

in the Baltic States in the Context of the War in Ukraine


Anne Jürgens

(Heidelberg U, Germany)

The Russian-Speaking Population in Ukraine and the Baltics

as an Element of Analysis with Regard to the War in Ukraine and Baltics Politics


Olga Talal

(Queen’s U, Canada)

Securitization of Transborder Minorities in Ethnic States: 

A Comparison of Lithuania and the Kyrgyz Republic


Konstantinas Andrijauskas

(Vilnius U, Lithuania)

“Surrounded” by Dictatorships: Lithuania’s Securitization of

and Political Performance on Its International Borders


Nikita Lumijoe

(Old Dominion U, US)

Attitudes of Ethnic Minorities towards National Defense 

and Security in Triadic Nexus: The Case of Estonia



Eleanor Knott


Saturday May 20, 10.00 AM-12.00 PM Room 418

Central Europe

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