Conceptualizing and Operationalizing Ethnicity  

Case Studies in Policy Design

Session I

Wednesday (May 5):
8.00-9.30 AM ET


Sherrill Stroschein

(UCL, UK) 


Sara Hungler

(Institute for Legal Studies, Hungary)

Defining and Circumventing the “Deserving” and “Idle Poor”: 

The Roma and the COVID-19 Employment Package in Hungary


Szabolcs Pogonyi

(Central European U, Austria)

Populist Nationalism and Citizenship in the EU


Balazs Dobos

(Institute for Minority Studies, Hungary)

Conceptualization, Operationalizaton and Efficiency:

The Case of Non-Territorial Cultural Autonomies in Central and South Eastern Europe


Andras L. Pap

(Institute for Legal Studies, Hungary)

Definitions Matter: Hate Crime Legislation, Identity Politics, and Penal Populism



Katalin F. Rac

(U of Florida, US)

Wednesday May 5, 8.00-9.30 AM ET 

Central Europe