Session 4

Wednesday (May 6):
8.00-9.30 AM ET


Myra Waterbury

(Ohio U, US)



Katalin F. Rac

(U of Florida, US)

Linguistics and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century Hungary:

From the Theory of Hungarian-Hebrew Linguistic Affinity to the Dismissal of Finno-Ugric Studies


Edina Gál

(Babes-Bolyai U, Romania)

Healthy Babies for the Nation: The Evolution of the State Child Welfare System 

in Interwar Banat and Transylvania


Petru Negura

(Leibniz Institute, Germany)

Resistance to Schooling and Nation-Building in the Soviet

and Romanian Borderlands During the Interwar Period (1918-1940)



Sophie Gueudet

(Sciences Po Aix, France)


Histories of Identity Formation 

in Central Europe 

Wednesday May 6, 8.00-9.30 AM ET

Central Europe