Katalin F. Rac

(U of Florida, US)




Ewa Wróblewska-Trochimiuk 

(Institute of Slavic Studies, Poland)  

A Moderate Europe? Radicalisms in Central European Cultures 


(Institute of Slavic Studies, Poland)

Natalia Judzińska 

Bombs in Vilnius: Radicalization of Antisemitic Attitudes

and Practices Before World War II


Katarzyna Kurza

(U of Bialystok, Poland) 

How Poles Radicalised Belarusians: On the Mechanism of Coercion


Izabela Mrzygłód 

(U of Warsaw, Poland) 

The Cult of the Martyr: The Symbol of Stanislaw Waclawski

and Rituals of Violence in the Warsaw Student Milieu of the 1930s




Karolina Ćwiek-Rogalska

(Polish Academy of Sciences) 

Interwar Radicalism Impacting the Contemporary  National Identities in Poland and its Constellations 

Saturday May 7, 10.30 AM-12.00 PM ET

Central Europe