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Friday May 19, 11.20 AM-1.20 PM • Room 403


Lou Raisonnier

(U of Ottawa, Canada)




Juraj Buzalka

(Comenius U, Slovakia)

István Kollai

(Comenius U, Slovakia)

The Post-Peasant People or Post-Feudal Leadership? 

The Post-socialist Populism in Hungary and Slovakia


Gergely Romsics

(Eötvös Loránd U, Hungary)

Constructing the Imperial “Other”: 

Transnational Memory Cultures Meet Populist Politics in Hungary


Jaro Stacul

(Memorial U of Newfoundland, Canada)

Populism as a ‘Grey Area’? 

Reflections on Right-Wing Populism in Contemporary Poland


Joanna Orzechowska-Waclawska

(Jagiellonian U, Poland)

Repolonization. New Nationalism in Poland 




Jan Kubik

(Rutgers U, US)

Legacies of Populism in Post-Socialist Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland 

Central Europe

Session 5

Friday (May 19):
11.20 AM-1.20 PM
Room 403
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