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Friday May 19, 11.20 AM-1.20 PM • Room 402B

Session 5

Friday (May 19):
11.20 AM-1.20 PM
Room 402B


Daniel Naujoks

(Columbia U, US)


Ana Bracic 

(Michigan State U, US)

Give Me Your Christian, Your Manly, Your Abled:

Exclusive Visions of Nationality and Belonging towards Refugees in the United States


Hamutal Sadan

(Tel Aviv U, Israel)

How to Address Living Memories and Continuous Trauma: 

Curating Artwork by Asylum Seekers in Israel


Lorella Viola

(U of Luxembourg)

Narratives of Italian Transatlantic Remigration, 1898-1936


Md Mizanur Rahman

(Qatar U)

Mehedi Hasan

(U of Oldenburg, Germany)

Migrant Integration Under the Conditions of Temporary Migration: 

A Transnational Inclusion Approach in the Arab Gulf


Aaron Brown,

(U of Oklahoma, US)

Martin Piotrowski

(U of Oklahoma, US)

Two Europe(s): Understanding Differing Attitudes Towards Immigrants

Between Eastern and Western Europe Using a Structural Equation Modeling Approach


Aiste Mickonyte

(U of Graz, Austria)

National Integration Policies
toward Migrants and Asylum-Seekers


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